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Main Cosplay

General Information

Sign ups for our Cosplay Contests will be online only. There will be QR codes located around the Cosplay Check-In Table and the convention, but we will not be physically signing up any contestants.


If you sign up for the Main Cosplay competition, you will be contacted via the email you provide. This email will include your judging time. These emails go out Friday evening of the event. Main and Skit Judging will occur at the Hyatt Regency Saturday between 10am-Noon. If you have registered online but you didn’t receive a judging time, please stop by the Cosplay Check-In Table for help. Awards will be given to winners at the end of the Cosplay Stage Show  at the Hyatt Regency. Please refer to the Main Events schedule for times and locations.


Registration for Main and Skit will close on the Friday of the event at 8pm!


For 2023, we are introducing additional categories! We have been listening to your feedback and have added experience categories to this year's event! These categories are as follows:

Beginners - 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

Intermediate - 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

Masters - 1st, 2nd, and 3rd


We will continue to include Best in Show and Judges Choice categories.


Prizing information will be given closer to the event.

The Main Cosplay Contest is based on craftsmanship. If you enter this, you will be judged on the construction of your costume by our panel of guest judges. This is not the contest to enter if you did not make your costume. Additionally, costumes entered in this contest will be subject to a judging session taking place the morning of the contest; if you cannot attend this judging session, you are encouraged to enter the Hall Cosplay Contest, instead.



Anyone may enter the Main Cosplay event, excluding OS4CA staff. Entrants ages six to thirteen (6-13) must have a parent sign their entry form in addition to signing it themselves as proof of permission to enter the contest. Children under the age of six (6) may enter the contest on their own, but they MUST be accompanied on stage by an adult, in addition to having the contest entry form completed by an adult.


Entries will be capped at 60 -first come, first served. That means: if there are 60 separate Main Cosplay Contest entries before you attempt to register, you will be unable to participate in the Main Cosplay Contest. If this happens, please feel free to enter our Hall Cosplay Contest or Skit Contest; the prizes for those contests are just as awesome.

Costume Guidelines

  • No costume is NO COSTUME. If the outfit can be mistaken for everyday wear (L from Death Note and Brock from Pokemon, for example), it cannot be entered into the contest alone. However, it can be entered with a group.

  • Costumes must cover at least as much area as a bikini—NO EXCEPTIONS. This is a family friendly event. Please refer to the Dress Code for details.

  • If you did not make your costume, you will not enter the Main Cosplay Contest as an individual entrant. You may, however, enter the Hall Cosplay Contest.

  • A group will be judged solely on those who have crafted their outfits, even if a member dons a store-bought outfit.

  • If you have made heavy alterations to a store-bought garment and wish to enter it into the contest, you must be able to explain how you have altered it and the processes that such an endeavor entailed.

  • Original Characters are welcome to compete and will be judged according to the same guidelines as other entrants. This means: you still need to make your costume.

  • Reference material is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED for fair judgment. We are not always able to look up reference images, so it is best to show up prepared for the contest.

  • Refer to Props Policy for props guidelines.


Limit of Entrants on Stage at One Time

Group walk-ons, where the group simply poses for a picture, may have the entire group on stage, if it is within reasonable size.


Time Limit

Walk-ons will be given thirty (30) seconds to one (1) minute to show off all of the hard work they put into their costumes. Please remember not to rush off stage! Being on stage in front of a crowd can be intimidating, but take a deep breath, and show off your wonderful costume by using the full amount of time allotted.


Signature Requirement

Each entrant in the Main Cosplay contest will be required to give a digital signature on their entry form to verify that they have read the rules and will adhere to them on pain of expulsion from the contest. By signing your entry form, you also agree to allow OS4CA to use photos of your costume for promotional purposes via social media.



Winners for the Main Cosplay event will be announced alongside the winners of the Skit Contest event after the Main Contest concludes.


Winners will be asked to stay after the contest for congratulatory pictures with their prizes.


A list of winners will be uploaded to the Tokyo, OK Facebook page.

***Rules are subject to change at any point prior to Tokyo, OK 2023.***

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