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About Us

The Oklahoma Society for Culture Appreciation was founded with the following missions:

  1. Promote Culture and the Arts within the State of Oklahoma through managed events, logistic support, and financial grants.

  2. Promote Oklahoma Art and Culture to communities outside the state.

  3. Bring together divergent cultures and build community utilizing The Arts and realization of our own commonality as humans.

The Oklahoma Society for Culture Appreciation is a registered 501(3) Non-Profit Organization.

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Our Story

Founded in 2020, our desire is to educate and build a community through entertainment.
Our desire to present quality events and drive is what sets us apart and our community is what makes us great. We are a group of individuals obsessed with culture come together with the goal of producing quality educational events, charitable grants & programs, and building relationships in the community through partnerships with businesses, organizations, and educational centers.

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Organizational Leadership

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Director of Operations
Director of Programming & Guests

Melinda West

Director of Sales
Shailaja Marion

Director of Logistics
Danielle Haller

Director of Financial Services

Director of Staff Coordination

Heather Alden

Director of Communications & Technology

Zac Murphy

OS4CA Gradient 3.png

Assistant Director of Operations

Assistant Director of Sales

Assistant Director of Logistics

Director of Programming & Guests


Assistant Director of Financial Services

Assistant Director of Staff Coordination

Peter Adophson

Assistant Director of Communications & Technology

Heather Ball

Assistant Director of Communications & Technology

Tara Bennett

The Board


Chair of the Board
Melinda West

Vice Chair of the Board
Shailaja Marion


Eric Hammons

Deputy: Danielle Haller



Personnel Officer
Heather Alden

Deputy: Peter Adolphson

Community Relations Officer
Zac Murphy

Chairperson Pro Tempore

Deputy: Heather Ball

Otto Schenck

Deputy: Stephen Piveral

Voting Members:

1. Benjamin Ekhoff

2. Danielle Haller

3. Heather Humphrey

4. Kristie Wofford

5. Mary Cervantes

6. Roger Smith 

7. Stephen Piveral

8. Tara Bennett

9. Uriah Davis

10. Jessica Clay

Advisors to the Board:

  • Blake Ridgway, Head of Information & Entertainment Technology - OS4CA

  • Brandi Summers, Head of Electronic Gaming - OS4CA

  • Kyle Summers, Head of Tabletop Gaming - OS4CAv

  • Chris Perez, Chief Executive Officer - Warguts Inc.

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