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Dress COde

Our Dress Code is Gender Neutral

While we support your creativity and craftsmanship, OS4CA does require that your cosplay meet the following requirements:

  1. Nipples and areolas must be completely covered on everyone. Pasties are acceptable so long as the nipples and areolas are completely obscured. No awkward outlines.

  2. Hips To Groin, front and back, needs to be covered. No "crack" showing.

  3. A dancer’s belt or sports cup for those who are wearing form fitting costumes/cosplays.

  4. Use of dress/body tape is recommended to avoid “wardrobe malfunctions”

  5. Foot coverings are required. "Cosplay Sandals" (the illusion of being barefoot) are acceptable, so long as they are secure and no part of your feet come in contact with the floor.

  • Our staff may question you about your costume/cosplay to ensure that all pieces are properly secure and each of these five rules are adhered to.

  • If your Costume/Cosplay/outfit does not meet these rules, you will not be allowed into the convention space or you may be asked to leave.

    As of 2021, per CDC guidelines, masks are required. 

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