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Grab some of our wonderful merch from our online store!

    Shipping Info:
    Our merch items are shipped to you in 2 ways:

    1. Local Inventory: Some of our items are purchased in bulk for various events or special runs and are housed in our Tulsa warehouse. These items are shipped by our staff members every Monday and Friday. We are a volunteer based organization and shipping twice weekly allows our staff to achieve a good "
    work + volunteer + life" balance.

    2. Create-to-Order: These items are fulfilled by our Logistics Partner. They are printed or embroidered when you order and shipped to you from their facility right away. This allows us to offer more items while allowing our budget to be focused on community programs and events.

    Both of these options do result in slightly longer shipping times, but both still provide quality items for your enjoyment. We thank you for supporting with us and allowing us to bring you quality events and ways to support the surrounding area through our mission of Education & Community through Entertainment! 


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