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Fan &
Media Kit

A lot of our fans and attendees have wanted to use the art and logos to show their support and to create events for their friends to join them at our events.  Due to US trademarking and copyright rules (basically the United States has a “protect it or lose it" stance), we have discouraged this in the past.  To better support our community, we are changing our stance moving forward, in addition to offering a quick repository for media and press.


 You are more than welcome to use the supplied logos, artwork or images to show your support.  BUT, we ask that when you do, please follow some simple rules for our logo and those of our properties or our licensed brands.


  1. The "OS4CA", "Tokyo, OK", and "Heroic" Logos may not be altered in any way other than to resize to fit the application or design.

  2. None of the images, logos or artwork may be used in a malicious or negative manner.

  3. Pages, websites and graphics that use official images, logos or artwork must be family friendly in nature.

  4. All pages and websites that use the logos must include the text, somewhere prominent, “Please visit the official webpage:, for more information.”

  5. You are more than welcome to use our logos in conjunction with photos to support our events but any photos that you use must follow specific rules.

    • When pairing the logo with a photograph, the photograph must be one that you have taken or have the right/license to use.

    • Please do not use photos that are “obviously” of other events.  We support other fan-based events and do not want to take away from their image either.

  6. You are also more than welcome to use the supplied logos with artwork or graphics as long as it is work that you have created or have the right/license to use.

  7. We reserve the right to ask anyone that is using our artwork, logos, photographs or image, to change or remove any material owned or exclusively licensed by the Oklahoma Society for Culture Appreciation for any reason.

  8. We reserve the right to change, update, amend or recant the rules at any time and for any reason.


That being said … go forth and have fun. 

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