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Panels are all about YOU.
Made by YOU, for YOU.  
Panels can range from topics such as Sailor Moon Cosplay Design to full out game shows!
If you have a passion that you would like to share with others, sign up!
Here are some examples that we have had from previous years:

Pokemon Go Meetup! 

Come hang out with other Trainers, grab some friend codes, and take over the Poke Gym at the event! 

Free Resources for the Beginning Costumer

Free resources to help the young costumer/ cosplayer improve their craft whether it's for the professional fashion industry or for their hobby

Otaku Millionaire Hot Seat

The Hot Seat is coming back to the Tulsa Area. Six Players will play in the game for 12 Questions, but only one player can win up to ¥1,000,000 in a prize package and a spot in the Grand Final at the end of Season 4.

Fandom Culture: Blast to the Past

Still love that 10-year-old anime nobody is talking about anymore? Obsessed with Tolkien, Twilight, or The Hunger Games? We want to talk to you! Come discuss your favorite oldies and goldies, and feel free to dust off those older cosplays to share!


Types of panels


The majority of panels are standard discussion-led panels, generally with 1-4 presenters. Examples include fan panels, guest Q&As, etc. Discussion panels generally run 1-2 hours.

  • Anime (discussion of a specific anime or type of anime,
    these can also be ran by panelists in cosplay character)

  • Cosplay (discussion of "how to", "tips and trick of", or "lifestyle of" types of things)

  • Popular Culture (discussion of all other types of popular culture not specifically Japanese)

  • Gaming (discussion of all things gaming)

  • Lolita (discussion of all things Lolita)

  • Japanese Culture (discussion over all of the different types of culture in Japan)

  • Art/Writing (how to draw, write, and produce art/books/manga)


An interactive panel is one that requires physical participation from the attendees in the audience. For example, a panel wanting to teach the latest kpop choreo that requires attendees to get up and move, would be considered an interactive panel. A cosplay panel

that has hands-on involvement would also be considered interactive.  Interactive panels

run in increments of 1-2 hours.

  • Game Shows (run by panelist in cosplay character or just by enthusiastic game show host)

  • Art/Writing (how to draw, write, and produce art/books/manga)

  • Kpop dance (showing off and learning the latest Kpop choreography)


Demonstrations are presented by local area groups who meet certain requirements. Demos generally run in 30 minute increments. Demonstration groups interested in submitting demos should review the Code of Conduct for Tokyo, OK requirements.  

Please note, submission of requested materials does NOT guarantee acceptance.

Additional information

  • If you would like to do a panel for Tokyo, OK, please fill out this registration form below. Filling out this form does not guarantee that your panel will be selected for the upcoming event.

  • If your panel is selected then you will be contacted by panel staff at least a month before the convention date with a tentative panel time and date.

  • All panels will be set at least two weeks before the convention start date. 

  • All panel rooms are equipped with a sound system, projector, HDMI cable and at least one microphone.

  • If your device needs special adapters to hook up to the sound system or HDMI cable, you will need to bring them. OS4CA will not provide them to panelists.

  • If your panel is selected, then only the three (3) main panelists will receive badges to next year's Tokyo, OK. You must check in with the TOK Panelist Check-in table at least 15 minutes before your panel is to start.

Panel registration closed on June 7th, 2024.
Acceptance and scheduling emails will be sent July 3rd, 2024.

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