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Code of ConDuct


The Oklahoma Society for Culture Appreciation and all event host locations are not responsible for any loss, damage, theft, or injury with regard to any attendee at any time. Attendees, artists, vendors, exhibitors, staff, and guests are responsible for their individual actions and any repercussions that may result. Civil or medical emergencies and criminal activities must be reported to the Safety Team or the Information Desk, who will contact the proper authorities.


We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. In other words, if you are causing a problem, we can and will remove you from any event and confiscate your badge / pass.

Rules of Conduct

First and Foremost, all Oklahoma Society for Culture Appreciation events honor the Golden Rule: “Treat others as you would like to be treated.”  In other words, be kind, compassionate, and respectful.  If you encounter a situation where someone is being rude, disrespectful, or infringing upon one of our rules of conduct; please exit the situation as quickly as possible and report the incident to either the Safety Team or Information Desk. Please do not escalate the situation by being rude or disrespectful in return.

  • Attendees are at their own risk with respect to the dangers of cosplay. Neither  the Oklahoma Society for Culture Appreciation, nor any of our many event locations are responsible for accidents (tripping, falling, etc) due to costume malfunction or as a result of a costume. We urge everyone who wishes to cosplay and those around cosplayers please be cautious and mindful of costumes.

  • Please be kind and courteous to your fellow attendees, guests, vendors, artists, exhibitors, and staff at all times. Disruptive behavior is not allowed. This includes running, screaming, yelling, horseplay, unsolicited physical contact, or any other behaviors deemed disruptive by OS4CA staff.

  • Please treat the event facilities with respect. All of our event spaces are wonderful facilities and we would like to keep it that way. Do not damage or deface the facilities or their property in any way.

  • No items or materials that can damage cosplays and/or electronic equipment (ie cameras, video camera, microphones, etc.) should be used on or around event premises. This includes bubbles, shaving cream, glitter, holi powder, etc.

  • Please keep the hallways and aisles clear. While it is wonderful to stand and talk to friends, please do so in a manner that does not obstruct the flow of traffic.

  • Rollerblades, skates, heelys, skateboards, recreational scooters and bicycles are prohibited in the event spaces and hotels.

  • Offensive attire is prohibited. Please refer to the OS4CA Dress Code for more information.

  • No solicitation, playing music,  performing, or any other act for money.

  • OS4CA prohibits signs or other materials that can be interpreted as soliciting or panhandling. This includes signs such as “Hugs for a Quarter”, “Free Glomps”, or “Donate to a Poor Catgirl”. As a result, all such signs will be confiscated and may be destroyed. If the sign is part of the cosplay, and sufficient proof that the character has the sign, and it does not violate the section concerning “Solicitation”, then the sign will be allowed.  (e.g. screen capture from the show with the text on the sign – this does NOT include Photoshop edits).

  • The Oklahoma Society for Culture Appreciation nor any of our many event locations are liable for any missing belongings. Please keep a close eye on your items.

  • Do not leave your bags unattended! Any bag left unattended will be turned over to the appropriate authorities. This may include any of the event locations, hotels or the local authorities.

  • OS4CA encourages people to leave bags, backpacks and other personal belongings in their hotel room or car.

  • If at any point a venue employee is rude or antagonistic towards you, please inform event operations, the Information Desk, venue front desk or business management. Please refrain from responding back with equal antagonism.

  • Function rooms have a limited amount of space. Due to this fact, it may become necessary to wait in line prior to gaining entry to some programming events/areas. Please be patient and understanding; we will do our best to accommodate as many people as we can in the quickest fashion possible.

  • Disabled persons, staff, event guests of honor, and dealers are not required to stand in line. If you have any questions, please contact Safety or the Information Desk.

  • Shoplifting is a crime. It is not tolerated, and violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Shoplifters will have their badges / passes revoked without refund, be removed from the event and will not be admitted to events in the future.

  • OS4CA staff reserve the right to revoke your event badge / pass / membership and eject anyone at any time from the event without a refund.

  • Please follow the directions of OS4CA staff and event Safety. They are there to make your experience more enjoyable, not to hinder, burden or hurt you. Anyone who refuses to ahere either OS4CA staff or the event Safety Team will be subject to removal from the event.

  • STATE AND FEDERAL LAWS MANDATE THAT DRUGS SUCH AS ECSTASY, COCAINE, HEROIN, AND OTHER SIMILAR ITEMS ARE ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES. They will not be tolerated in or around OS4CA events or within any of our event locations.

  • STATE AND FEDERAL LAWS ALSO MANDATE THAT IT IS PROHIBITED FOR INDIVIDUALS UNDER THE AGE OF 21 TO DRINK ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. The legal age for drinking alcohol is 21. Attendees over the age of 21 are allowed to consume alcohol outside the area in a responsible, civilized manner. We require that our under 21 attendees abstain from drinking at OS4CA events.

  • MARIJUANA – The use and possession of Marijuana, in all of its various forms, is subject to the policies of OS4CA and  relevant rules of all OS4CA event spaces. OS4CA Marijuana Policy

Vendor Space

  • Dealers, please keep your products, displays and staff within your purchased space and out of traffic aisles.

  • You will receive badges for each space that you purchased. Additional badges may be purchased for $40 each (subject to change).

  • Although there will be event staff stationed throughout the area, OS4CA is not responsible for your merchandise. Please take the proper precautions against damage and theft.

Artists Bazaar

  • Artists Bazaars are a venue for artists, crafts, events, self-promotion and special interests.

  • You may sell anything that is related to your own personal hard work, crafts or designs.

  • This is not a place to sell manufactured items such as DVDs, key chains, plushies, etc.

  • Please be respectful to the attendees by keeping your displays family friendly.

  • As noted below in the ADULT PRODUCTS POLICY, hentai, yaoi, and any other media material requiring an age limit of 18 or older cannot be sold within the vendor room, artist bazaar, or anywhere on the premises.

Bootleg Policy

  • OS4CA does not condone or support the sale of pirated or bootleg merchandise.

  • Pirated video material, whether it be video, DVD, VCD or any other format is not tolerated. The decision has been made to prevent the sale of ‘gray’ area CDs which include, but is not limited to, SonMay, Ever Anime or other Taiwanese or Hong Kong distributors. For visual and audio material, only original Japanese or North American distributed items will be acceptable. Only properly licensed model kits (e.g. no Bendi or other similar imitations) will be tolerated.

Adults Product Policy

  • Vendors may sell an item that is allowed by Oklahoma law that does not conflict with event rules and regulations and is relevant to the Event venue(s).

  • Any live-action video that is considered to be ‘XXX’ or displays sexual penetration is illegal in Oklahoma and banned from the event. This includes special features on DVDs and printed inserts. Anyone found selling these items will be asked to remove them from the premises. Failure to do so will result in loss of event space for the remainder of the Event and the proper authorities may be notified.

  • Hentai, Yaoi, and any other media material requiring an age limit of 18 or older cannot be sold within the vendor room, artist bazaar, or anywhere on the premises.

  • OS4CA hosts family-oriented events that welcome people of all ages and backgrounds.

Food Policy

  • Please note we are restricting certain items due to hotel / event policy and/or Oklahoma Law. Both weapons and food cannot be sold except by sanctioned vendors. We reserve the right to refuse vendor, artist or exhibitor space to anyone for any reason.

Physical DEmonstrations

  • Demo groups are:

  • Required to have their own insurance and keep a copy on the premises for the duration of the event

  • Not allowed to charge for their demonstrations

  • Cannot involve attendees in anything other than an instructional manner (i.e. no attendee vs. attendee “sparring”, etc)

  • Must provide proof of certification for all participating members

  • Required to be established for a minimum of one year​

Events are created so that people with similar interests could gather together in the spirit of community.

If you have any problems, questions or concerns, please contact a staff member or the Information Desk. They will be happy to assist you!

By attending you agree that you have Read and understand the rules and regulations as they are stated above. The rules and regulations may change at any time.
You agree to abide by the rules and regulations as they exist at the time You arrive at the Event.

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