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Animal Policy

The Oklahoma Society for Culture Appreciation welcomes ADA compliant service animals and service animals-in-training!

Trained service animals and animals-in-training are welcome at events provided that they remain under control of the attendee and are housebroken. To ensure that a service animal remains under control of the attendee they are providing assistance to, all service animals must remain on a leash, harness or tether unless these devices interfere with the animal’s ability to perform its duties or the person’s disability prevents the use of these devices. If that is the case a person must use voice, signal or other effective means to maintain control of an animal. 


When you arrive at an event, we request you check in at our Accessibilities table to meet with our Attendee Services staff. This will be a short process. We will provide a wristband to alert our staff to know to seat you in a space with area for working dogs and serves as a marker that you have already checked in with our staff.


Please know we use these bands for a plethora of reasons and only staff will know what any specific color means.


While it is not required, we do suggest having a vest, patch, or other identifier on your service animal to avoid any potential issues with an attendee who may not be well versed in ADA policy, however again; it is not required. 


Due to liability concerns, we unfortunately cannot permit Emotional Support Animals.


Please remember: you are only required to answer the two ADA compliant questions that will be asked when you check in. If someone asks you anything beyond those two questions, asks you after you have already checked in, or otherwise tries to interfere with you and your working animal: contact our Accessibilities table.


Also, in a change to our previous policies: Working animals may now be dressed in costume or cosplay. However, if you choose to participate in any of our cosplay contests, please know that your working animal cannot be considered a part of your cosplay.

The Oklahoma Society for Culture Appreciation unfortunately does not supply kennel services.

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