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Media Policy

General RUles

Attention: Individuals who violate these rules may be removed from the property at our discretion.

  • Photography or Videography are generally allowed, however, permission to capture a subject's image must be given before the image is taken or retroactively received after the image is taken. If you do not receive consent for the photo, the photo must be deleted.

  • Non-Press (all other individuals not staff or press):

    • Individuals are allowed to capture images in the public space using HAND-HELD equipment only. Equipment cannot extend greater than a 15-inch radius around or above the photographer or subject. The only exception is a monopod attached directly to the primary camera/rig.

    • No free-standing equipment is allowed.

    • Individuals and/or equipment cannot block any public area or impede the safe traffic flow of others (entrances, exits, hallways, etc.).

    • Absolutely no setup of lighting with light stands, ladders, backdrops, large props/signs on the floor, running cords/wires across the floor, etc. will be allowed in public space areas.

    • Individuals and their subjects must also respect the hotels and event spaces environment by not being disruptive or doing anything unsafe (i.e. standing on furniture, climbing into the fountains, hanging items from a light pole, etc.).

    • All photographers must have valid OS4CA credentials (attendee badge or Media pass).

    • The use of drones is prohibited indoors. The use of drones outside of event spaces is permitted with proper credentials, and as long as the pilot abides by Federal, State, and Local regulations.

Media & Promotional Materials

  • Participants in any Oklahoma Society for Culture Appreciation events are granting their permission to be photographed or recorded by authorized staff photographers. By purchasing your registration, you inherently grant permission to use such images or footage for archival or promotional purposes.

  • OS4CA reserves the right to utilize any media recorded at any Oklahoma Society for Culture Appreciation event including photography and video.

Panels, Guests, & Events

  • Due to contractual obligations, many of our guests, panelists and content providers do not allow any photography, video or media taken of their events. If you are asked to put recording devices away (including your phone), please comply.

  • No Video or Audio Recording of Movie and TV Panels.

  • No video or audio recording is allowed of the footage on the screens during movie and television panels or within the viewing rooms at events. The footage shown is exclusive, brought to OS4CA by the studios and networks. Please respect their rights and allow us to continue to show this type of material to our attendees.

How Can I Get a Media & Influencer Pass

  • You can find more information here!

By attending you agree that you have Read and understand the rules and regulations as they are stated above. The rules and regulations may change at any time.
You agree to abide by the rules and regulations as they exist at the time You arrive at the Event.

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