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IDOL Showcase

Showcase your unique talent and appreciation for music through dance or lip sync. Join us for the first TOK IDOL Showcase contest!


There will be two categories, soloist and groups. A group consists of anything more than 1 performer.


There will be 10 slots for each category. If more contestants sign up for those slots, a prescreening with the videos submitted in the application will be screened and a top 10 will be chosen. 


Deadline for applications will be June 29, 2024. Acceptance emails will be sent out on July 3rd with a follow up on July 5th. Schedules will be emailed to the primary contact email address on July 8th with all check in and event details.

Contest will be held on Friday July 12th from 10pm-12pm. All contestants performing or assistants to the group must have a valid badge / pass to enter the venue and compete.

Deadline for applications to compete will be June 29, 2024!
Prizing will be announced at a later date.


Anyone may enter in the IDOL Showcase, excluding OS4CA staff.

General Rules

  • The IDOL Showcase is based on the performance given on stage.

  • Performance attire must cover at least as much area as a bikini—NO EXCEPTIONS. This is a family-friendly event. Please ensure your cosplay follows our Dress Code. Any performer found not to be following this or any other event rules will not be allowed to perform.

  • Each performance must adhere to a PG rating. As mentioned above, this is a family friendly event. This means: no cursing, no suggestive content, etc.

IDOL Showcase Guidelines

All Performances must be under 4 Minutes long. No exceptions.


This contest will be judged 100% by fan votes! Voting will be held digitally live after each category. Make sure that you've downloaded the official OS4CA Event App


PRE-RECORDED AUDIO IS REQUIRED. The audio must be digitized and submitted MP3 format via your entry form. Microphones are unreliable at the best of times, so it is better to have a backup that can be heard throughout the room.


When applying, please provide a clip of your performance, roughly one to one minute and thirty seconds long. 


  • Winners of the IDOL Showcase will be announced at the end of the Showcase.

  • Winners will be asked to stay after the contest for congratulatory pictures.

  • A list of winners will be uploaded to the Tokyo, OK Facebook page.


Poor Sportsmanship is grounds for disqualification from future Tokyo, OK/OS4CA contests, and will render you ineligible for future contests. Be gracious with the placement that you have received. Bullying any contestant or staff is strictly prohibited.


Bullying of any kind is not tolerated. If there is evidence of bullying occurring, the constant/attendee will be disqualified and barred from the competition, and may result in your badge/pass/membership revoked. 

Be kind to others who have put hard work, effort and time into their entries.

Signature Requirement

Each entrant in the IDOL Showcase contest will be required to give a digital signature on their entry form to verify that they have read the rules and will adhere to them on pain of expulsion from the contest. By signing your entry form, you also agree to allow OS4CA to use photos of your costume for promotional purposes via social media.


***Rules are subject to change at any point prior to Tokyo, OK 2024.***

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